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Live Dealer Casinos - An Introduction

  • Are live casinos as intimidating as they look? 
  • As it turns out, no and our FAQs will give you all the confidence you need to play live like a pro.

Learn to play live dealer games like a pro

So you’ve started playing at online casinos and love the slots and table games that are on offer – but may have avoided playing in live casinos as they appear a little more intimidating. But are they really? As it turns out, no – but any player looking to get their feet wet in a live online environment will have a few questions to ask, so we’ve put together some questions and answers will give you all the confidence you need to play live like a pro. Here's a bonus from 888Casino to get you started. 

Can I go into the live rooms without making a deposit or wagering any real money?
Most live rooms won’t let you use a demo play mode as it simply isn’t practical. With random number-generated virtual games it’s easy enough to do, but with a real live dealer involved you’ll be taking up valuable space if you choose to occupy a player’s chair without betting for real. 

However, don’t let this worry you: If you want to get some practice rounds in to learn the game you’re playing properly you can simply play a virtual version of the same thing before going live. It’s a very handy way to learn a new game and you won’t have to worry about losing any cash or not knowing what to do in front of the dealer and the other players.

Is there a risk of embarrassment because I don’t know the rules?
In word, no! In a real live land casino it’s understandable that players are put off by the protocol involved in playing some of the games as here are plenty of experienced regulars around who don’t want you to slow the game down by asking questions. Online, though, it doesn’t work that way. If you need to make a decision the software will prompt you and a default position will be applied if you do nothing. 

For example, suppose you’re playing Blackjack and you’re offered Hit or Stand. If you choose neither, the clock will count down and a default position of Stand will apply. If you did this with a favourable hand like a 2 and a 3, no-one’s going to laugh at you for being crazy – they’ll just assume you’d left the room to answer the door or take a phone call. It’s impossible to make a fool out of yourself when playing, so don’t worry about it. 

In fact, playing live online is a really handy way to train for trips to a land casino as well. Once there you’ll know exactly what to do, which is a real advantage and will make you look like a seasoned pro without having to spend thousands.

Where are the casino studios located?
Most live online casinos broadcast from purpose-built studios in Latvia or Malta, though a handful do use UK premises for some of their rooms. All dealers usually speak English, though there are plenty of rooms that are run in Mandarin or other major European languages. 

How can you make bets when the casino is in a studio in another country?
Live online gaming rooms stream onto various casino websites, but the betting surfaces are all virtual so you can use them just as you would lay down chips in a real casino. There are virtual coins, and the software is designed to prevent you from making bets that don’t comply with the game rules or casino policy. 

Can I talk to anyone else in the casino studio?
Surprisingly, yes you can! Most types of live casino software let you input text into a panel that shows up on the dealer’s screen as soon as you type it. The dealer will then respond and it’s not uncommon for dealer and player to become very well acquainted and for players to make a point of only turning up when particular dealers are scheduled to appear. 

Can I play in tournaments at live online casinos?
Generally speaking table game tournaments are played on roulette and Blackjack. Roulette tourneys are quite hard to find, but those that are regularly available are usually held in live casinos rather than on virtual games. They tend to reward players who make riskier bets, discouraging 50/50 evens bets like red/black or odd/even – and there are some tournament that look at what you’ve won relative to what you’ve wagered to gain on overall measure of your ability rather than simply letting the players with the deepest pockets stand the best chance of winning. 

Most Blackjack tournaments are held on the Microgaming tournament network which uses virtual games. However, there are some alternatives to standard play if you’re looking for something a little different: Many live casinos will run weekend events that involve inserting feature cards – usually coloured gold or silver – that pay out random cash prizes. Other tricks include rewarding ante bets when the roulette ball lands in a particular slot at a certain time, or giving out special rewards when specific numbers are hit in a row. 

Will I be playing with players from the same casino?
Not necessarily. Live casino video feeds are streamed by third party suppliers into lots of different casino sites. That means when you sit down to play at a table supplied by, for example, Evolution Gaming, you could be sat alongside players from over twenty other casinos.

However, some of the wealthier sites will reserve tables with the live casino studios, make them exclusive and brand them up with their own logo and design. These used to cost a little more to play at with higher minimum stakes, though recently they’ve been made more freely available. 

Can I play online at a real land casino?
Amazingly, the answer’s yes! A handful of casinos powered by VueTec’s Distance Gaming technology let you access real casinos in Ireland and the Isle of Man. They work in a similar way to the casino studios, only instead of a mocked-up scenario on the screen you’ll be given a view of a real working casino with players walking around, joining in games and croupiers that are trained to deal with both you and the flesh-and-blood players sitting opposite them. 


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Live Dealer Casinos - An Introduction

So you’ve started playing at online casinos and love the slots and table games that are on offer – but may have avoided playing in live casinos as they appear a little more intimidating. But are they really?

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