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About live dealer roulette

Of all the casino table games none lends itself to live online play better than roulette. Its iconic looks, universal appeal and simplicity keep it at the top of the list for millions of avid players.

To get yourself off the blocks, you simply need to make a deposit or secure some free bonus cash, and then pick a live roulette room that offers games at the stakes you want to play at. 

Live Roulette Formats

From there it’s superficially just a case of waiting for the next round, making a bet before the wheel closes and seeing what happens. There is, though, more to live online roulette than meets the eye if you want to become a career player.

For starters, not all live online roulette uses the same format: The basic game uses the European format, which means a single green ‘zero’ slot. Thankfully the expensive American-style games with the double zero format are not generally used online in a live scenario. However you will sometimes find French games, and these are well worth seeking out as they offer the lowest house edge (just 2.7% on outside bets) of any roulette game.

And whilst you used to have to pay high minimum stake values to take part in French games it’s no longer always necessary so they’re well worth keeping an eye out for. 

Live Roulette Strategy

So once you’ve grasped the basics, how to do go about approaching the game like a pro? Actually it’s easier than you think: When newbie players hear words like Martingale, D’Alembert and LaBouchere they tend to panic – though in fact the science behind even the most complex of strategies isn’t that hard to pick up.

The simpler methods instruct you to double up on losing bets, or increase your bet by one unit – on the assumption that if you keep make the same bet it’s bound to go your way sooner or later. Hardcore progressive methods like the Martingale can swallow up your bankroll quickly, though, so you need to watch out for any possibility of that occurring. If you’re a more nervous player, you can use regressive systems instead: These require you to scale down your stake after a losing bet, on the assumption that you’ll avoid losing too much. It’s safer, but less likely to bankrupt you.

For the ultimate in generic systems the LaBouchere uses a set of custom-designed multiples to work along, that you’ll eliminate from either end as you score wins and losses. It’s a highly intriguing method and the most mathematically-challenging, though with some practice it’s not out of scope for even the most casual of players and you can have a great time figuring out how to customise this method to make a set of numbers that are 100% unique to you. 

On top of all this are specific bets that are designed to take up the most space on the betting grid for the least cost. These include the Five Street Quad method and the James Bond method, though there are many more.  

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